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Are you seeing classes that you want to take?  Looking for new ideas and projects? 

Join our Chapter and share in the fun with us!

When paying via PayPal / Credit or Debit Card additional fees apply.  That is why the Annual Dues amount varies.

2024 Membership Form

Thanks for submitting!

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$20 - Joins the Raindrop Decorative Painters as a member.  This person can contribute to the group by being a chair person on a committee or volunteering at an event(s). 

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$25 -  This category is for a person, teacher or businesses who wants to advertise in our directory or newsletter.  They would send a business card and have it advertised on our directory business page and in the newsletter. This is also for teachers that not necessary have a registered business name but want their information out there for new students.  

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$30 - This category is for a person, teacher or business that has a web site and will sponsor the Raindrop Decorative Painters on their website.  A sponsor will allow ads on their web site for upcoming classes or seminars for us.  A sponsor might donate something special for the group as a give-away or raffle.  A sponsor might give the members something to also advertise their business in return....such as a brush, a calendar or pens, etc.  

Our meetings are held on the first Saturday of every other month LIVE and on Zoom.  If you have never taken a Zoom class please                           for information. 

If you still have questions please email!

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